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Best Mezcal Negroni Recipe

Best Mezcal Negroni Recipe

Best Mezcal Negroni Recipe

The Classic Negroni recipe, with its simple three ingredients, dates back to the early 20th century. As the legend goes, the Italian Count Camillo Negroni was in a bar in Florence named Bar Casoni and requested a more potent cocktail than his usual Americano. The Americano is a classic cocktail and a mixture of sweet Vermouth, Campari, and sparkling water. The barman was happy to take up the request and replaced the sparkling water with gin. The Negroni was assembled in three equal parts, and history was made. 


The classic Negroni cocktail was mainly enjoyed in Italy for decades. However, it eventually found its way to the United States during the craft cocktail resurgence that started in the late 1990s. The Negroni cocktail, a bitter palate pleaser, is fantastic the way it was initially crafted, however like many other classic cocktails, it has proved to be a famous cocktail to modify for bartenders across the world. One of the easiest ways to tweak the Negroni cocktail is by swapping the gin out for another base spirit, and in this case, it is swapping it with Mezcal. The Mezcal modified Negroni cocktail was popularized by well-known cocktail bars such as Mayahuel in New York. The Mezcal Negroni is now one of the true modern classics and is famous throughout the world. 


The Mezcal Negroni cocktail is a straightforward riff on the classic. However, subbing the Mezcal in place of gin creates a drink that is quite a departure from the original in terms of taste. Mezcal gives the cocktail a savory, earthy, and smoky quality. Mezcal is a stark contrast to the dry, botanical taste of gin. Mezcal is effective in a Negroni due to its strong character and goes head-to-head with the bitter Campari and the Vermouth.


Like the classic Negroni cocktail, the Mezcal Negroni is created with equal parts of each ingredient. The Mezcal Negroni is stirred in with ice just like the classic Negroni and is a fun change from the standard Negroni recipe. Try following the steps below and see what you think of the new taste.



  • 1 ounce mezcal
  • 1 ounce Campari
  • 1 ounce sweet vermouth
  • Garnish: orange half-wheel


  1. Add the Campari, Mezcal and the sweet Vermouth to a mixing glass with ice and stir until chilled
  2. Strain into a glass over one big ice cube.
  3. Finally, garnish the Negroni with an orange half-wheel.


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