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Leeward Negroni cocktail Recipe

Leeward Negroni cocktail Recipe

The Leeward Negroni is a contemporary twist on the classic Negroni cocktail

the Leeward Negroni offers a unique blend of flavors that lean towards a more tropical and refreshing profile. This variation stands out by incorporating coconut oil-washed gin, bringing a velvety texture and subtle coconut flavor that beautifully complements the traditional bitter and sweet components of the original recipe.


  • 1 oz Coconut oil-washed Gin (see preparation below)
  • 1 oz Campari
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • Garnish: Orange peel
  • Ice

Glass Type:

  • Rocks glass

Alcohol Content:

Each component of the Leeward Negroni (gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth) typically has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of about 20-40%. The cocktail is balanced, with a total volume of alcohol coming from equal parts of its three main ingredients, making it a moderately strong drink.


Coconut Oil-washed Gin Preparation:

  1. Infuse the Gin: Combine 1 cup of gin with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in a sealable container. Shake well and let it sit at room temperature for a few hours, allowing the flavors to meld.
  2. Freeze: Place the mixture in the freezer overnight. The coconut oil will solidify, making it easier to separate from the gin.
  3. Strain: Remove the solidified coconut oil from the gin. Use a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to ensure the gin is clear of oil particles.

Making the Leeward Negroni:

  1. Mix Ingredients: In a mixing glass filled with ice, combine the coconut oil-washed gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth.
  2. Stir Well: Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds until well-chilled.
  3. Strain: Strain into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes.
  4. Garnish: Express the oil from an orange peel over the drink and place it in the glass as garnish.

History and Presentation:

The Leeward Negroni offers a modern take on the classic Negroni, which originated in Italy in the early 20th century. This version caters to contemporary palates seeking innovation and tropical notes in their cocktails. The introduction of coconut oil-washed gin adds a layer of complexity and transforms the drink into a moreish, luxurious experience that pays homage to the Negroni's rich heritage while venturing into new, exotic territories.

Serving the Leeward Negroni in a rocks glass enhances its visual appeal, allowing the vibrant color of the cocktail to shine through while providing a sturdy base for the aromatic garnish. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a curious enthusiast, crafting a Leeward Negroni is an exciting way to explore the art of cocktail making, offering a taste that is both familiar and intriguingly novel.

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Negroni Cocktail FAQ


How many calories are there in a Negroni cocktail?

The calorie content of a Negroni cocktail can vary slightly based on the specific brands of ingredients used and the proportions of each ingredient. However, a classic Negroni cocktail, made with equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth (typically 1 ounce or about 30 ml of each), contains approximately:

  • Gin: 1 oz has about 64 calories
  • Campari: 1 oz has about 80 calories
  • Sweet Vermouth: 1 oz has about 45 calories

Adding these up, a classic Negroni cocktail would have approximately 189 calories. Keep in mind that variations in the recipe or serving size, as well as the use of additional ingredients like syrups or juices, could increase or decrease the total calorie count.

What does a Negroni taste like?

A Negroni cocktail offers a distinctive balance of flavors that make it a unique and sophisticated drink. It is known for its:

  1. Bitterness: The Campari, a key ingredient, provides a deep, herbal bitterness that is both refreshing and invigorating. This bitterness is the defining characteristic of the Negroni, setting it apart from sweeter cocktails.
  2. Sweetness: The sweet vermouth balances the bitterness of the Campari with its own herbal sweetness, adding complexity and rounding out the flavor profile. The sweetness also enhances the overall drinkability of the cocktail.
  3. Herbal and Citrus Notes: Both gin and vermouth contribute a range of herbal and floral notes, while the traditional orange garnish adds a hint of citrus. These flavors complement the bitterness and sweetness, creating a multi-layered taste experience.
  4. Aromatic: The combination of ingredients and the garnish of an orange peel make the Negroni a highly aromatic cocktail, with scents that hint at its complex flavor profile.

Overall, a Negroni cocktail tastes like a harmonious blend of bitter, sweet, and aromatic flavors, with a notable complexity that makes it a favorite among cocktail aficionados. It's a cocktail that invites sipping and savoring, perfect for those who appreciate a drink with depth and character.