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Best Rolling Coolers

Best Rolling Coolers

Rolling coolers are key equipment if you are going to be entertaining, especially during the summer period when activities are more likely to be outside. There are many different cooler brands and types to choose from when purchasing, and each has pros and cons and will keep your beverages and food cool for different lengths of time. The better coolers can even stay cold inside for up to ten days which is pretty incredible, but you'll have to pay a premium for that type of quality. There are many midrange cooler options available as well and these are more suited for the day trips or afternoon BBQ's at the beach or lake.

YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

  1. YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

YETI is the best option in coolers, let alone in the rolling category. The YETI coolers are built extremely tough and really do a brilliant job of keeping your drinks and food cold for days. Their effectiveness is due to their trademark Permafrost insulation technology and rubber T-Rex latches that seal the cooler lids firmly shut.

The Tundra Haul cooler was the brand's first wheeled cooler model and has two large wheels that will stand up to just about any terrain. An aluminum handle on the cooler makes it easy to pull behind you across rougher surfaces such as sand and gravel. YETI is definitely not a cheap option, but you are paying for very high quality here.

KONG Cruiser Cooler

  1. KONG Cruiser Cooler

This is a durable cooler and very effective however, it's definitely a big investment at around $500 at most retailers. The KONG Cruiser Cooler has a volume of 50 quarts which means it can hold up to 40 12-ounce cans, which is considerable. The cooler latches are made out of rigid nylon and stainless steel, which seals the lid firmly shut so the cold stays inside longer. The wheels of the Kong Cruiser Cooler are large and rugged enough so you don't have to be concerned about them coming loose off or wearing down. If you do happen to run into any problems, then the cooler is covered by a lifetime warranty. 

Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme

  1. Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme

Coleman is a reliable brand that makes relatively inexpensive but very dependable coolers. The Coleman 50-quart model holds up to 84 cans and will keep ice for up to five days. These features are pretty good considering the cost is less than $100.

The Have-A-Seat lid of the Coleman cooler means you can sit down on top of this cooler and relax while you enjoy your beverage and it supports up to 250 pounds. The cooler has an easily extendable handle and sturdy wheels which means taking this cooler with you is incredibly easy.

Pelican Elite Cooler

  1. Pelican Elite

The toughest part about bringing a rolling cooler somewhere like the beach is able to actually pull it through al the sand. Luckily Pelican has made this a simple job to carry out with its Elite model cooler. In addition to being able to hold ice for up to an amazing ten days, the cooler has a built-in bottle opener and it's rugged built cooler has huge wheels that can maneuver through sand, dirt, gravel, whatever you put in its way. The cooler is on the heavier side of things, but that durable build makes this a good summertime beach option that will last a long time.

RovR RollR

  1. RovR RollR

If you happen to be car camping, you need a good cooler that will keep your perishable food and cans of ice-cold beverage of choice cool for days then the RollR might be an option. RovR RollR makes coolers of various different sizes that are great for pulling up to your campsite.

The RovR RollR coolers will keep your ice intact for up to ten days. The coolers tires are puncture-resistant, and you can even install a Deepfreeze dry bin to keep your food and bottles from getting wet. These tough as-nails coolers also happen to be bear-resistant as well, making them the perfect cooler pick for your visit to the backcountry.



We'll keep updating this as more coolers come to us for testing and let you know what new options come on the market that will suit your rolling cooler needs. 

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