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The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Bars: Where Opulence Meets Mixology

The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Bars: Where Opulence Meets Mixology

When it comes to enjoying a cocktail, the setting matters just as much as the libation itself. Hotel bars around the world have elevated the art of mixology to new heights, offering a luxurious experience that combines opulent decor, world-class service, and expertly crafted cocktails. In this exploration of the world's most luxurious hotel bars, we'll take you on a journey from New York City to Tokyo, where every sip is a taste of indulgence.

The Connaught Bar, London, UK

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, The Connaught Bar is a true gem of London's cocktail scene. Its Art Deco-inspired decor, designed by the renowned David Collins Studio, exudes elegance and sophistication. The bar's signature Negroni, known as the "Connaught Negroni," is a must-try. It's a masterful blend of gin, rose petal vermouth, and a bespoke bitters recipe that's been aged in a vintage Negroni cask. Sipping this cocktail is like taking a journey back in time to the glamorous days of the 1920s.

The NoMad Bar, New York City, USA

Located within The NoMad Hotel, The NoMad Bar in New York City is a destination for cocktail enthusiasts seeking a taste of old-world glamour. The bar's opulent setting, complete with a mahogany bar and a library with over 25,000 books, provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying classic cocktails with a modern twist. Their Negroni variation, called the "Boulevardier," features bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth aged in a large oak barrel, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile.

The Ritz Paris Hemingway Bar, Paris, France

The Ritz Paris Hemingway Bar, named after the legendary American writer Ernest Hemingway, is a timeless establishment that exudes Parisian charm. The bar is adorned with photos and memorabilia from Hemingway's time in Paris, and it's here that he is said to have enjoyed his fair share of cocktails. The Negroni at this iconic bar is known for its balance of flavors, blending gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth with a twist of orange peel. It's a classic cocktail served in an atmosphere steeped in history.

The American Bar at The Savoy, London, UK

The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London is not only one of the oldest cocktail bars in the city but also one of the most revered in the world. With its live jazz music and impeccable service, it's a place where guests can revel in the elegance of a bygone era. While the Negroni may not be their most famous offering, the skilled bartenders here can craft it to perfection, using top-notch ingredients and a touch of Savoy magic.

Artesian, The Langham, London, UK

Artesian at The Langham, London, has consistently been recognized as one of the world's best bars. Its ever-evolving cocktail menu is a testament to creativity and innovation. Although their menu changes regularly, you can expect a Negroni that pushes the boundaries of tradition. The bartenders at Artesian are known for their experimental approach, so be prepared for a Negroni experience like no other.

Bar High Five, Tokyo, Japan

Japan is renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship, and Bar High Five in Tokyo is a testament to this ethos. Hidetsugu Ueno, the owner and bartender, is a legend in the world of mixology. While Japanese whisky reigns supreme here, the Negroni at Bar High Five is crafted with precision and care, making it a delightful deviation from the usual classics.

The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand

The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, is a sophisticated oasis in the bustling city. Its colonial-style decor and live jazz music transport you to a bygone era. The Negroni at this renowned bar is a harmonious blend of gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and a secret ingredient that gives it a unique twist. Sipping a Negroni here is a true indulgence, complemented by the warm hospitality of the staff.

The Bar at The Dorchester, London, UK

The Bar at The Dorchester in London has been a favorite haunt of celebrities and royalty for decades. The classic elegance of the bar, complete with leather banquettes and a marble bar top, sets the stage for an exceptional cocktail experience. While The Bar at The Dorchester offers a wide range of cocktails, the Negroni remains a timeless favorite, made with the finest ingredients and precision.

The Library Bar at The Lanesborough, London, UK

The Library Bar at The Lanesborough in London is a refined and intimate setting for cocktail enthusiasts. The bar's classic British decor and extensive collection of rare spirits make it a haven for connoisseurs. The Negroni here is a masterpiece in simplicity, featuring equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, served with a twist of orange peel. It's a classic cocktail done to perfection.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York City, USA

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in New York City combines the ambiance of a 19th-century Irish pub with the precision of a top-notch cocktail bar. Their cocktail menu, divided into historical periods, offers a unique journey through the evolution of cocktails. While their expertise lies in historical libations, their Negroni is a testament to their skill and dedication to the craft.


In the world of luxury hotel bars, the Negroni stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and sophistication. Whether you find yourself sipping a Negroni in the heart of London's Mayfair or in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, these establishments offer more than just a drink—they provide an experience that combines the art of mixology with the opulence of their surroundings.

So, the next time you're in search of a memorable cocktail experience, consider making a reservation at one of these luxurious hotel bars. It's not just a drink; it's a journey through the world of flavor, history, and unparalleled luxury. Cheers!

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